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I am feeling much better now. Only have some sniffles left. My Nana went home from rehab yesterday. We did her laundry (wash,dry,fold and put away), took her shopping, tried to fix her tv (with no luck) and took her to get a new recliner. Today my dad went to DHHS to see about getting some help with all his crap that he has going on. Hopefully him spending ALL day there won't be in vain. My buddy going through a divorce is still on my couch, but he seems to be handling it better then I did when my marriage split. 
     Art wise...I have drawn and inked ALL the Dragon Age boys that I plan to do (this time) to add color or shading! Then contact any original artists that I can who need to be talked to and ask if I can post my versions of their stuff. I'll just slap Biowear all up in the comments for any "official" stuff. XD

UPDATE 4-3-15: I am very sick. Fever. Chills. Phlegm. Sore Everything.
I'm drawing/sketching lots of Dragon Age men -including Krem, because he's cute no matter what parts he may or may not have!-, from DA:O all the way to DA:I. Some are based off the games, some from the books and comics, some even from other fan art (don't worry, I wont post those unless I can get the original artist say so) and even Regalyan from the Seeker movie. Also watching Fairy Tail, JoJo, Magi, Free, Junjo and re-watching GunGrave. Any other suggestions?

Sorry for just up and disappearing from dA, but my internet was messed up and I've had LOTS of crap going on in my life, so the web got pushed aside until most of it got worked out.

I don't usually put all my personal crap up here, but this time, I'm gonna.

1.My grandmother is almost 83, and in decline physically, mentally and emotionally. I've had to go take care of her on an almost daily basis. She had fallen when alone at her night...twice in the last month, wasn't taking her meds regularly, didn't eat anything even remotely healthy for three days and didn't understand why I was there at her house even though I had told her I  would be over on the phone just the day before. She was barely responsive, and was confused about what she was doing. While getting her to the car to go see her doctor, she fell twice more. I caught her those times, thank God. She's doing better now, but still has movement problems. She will be entering a temporary rehabilitation center meant for the elderly as soon as there is an opening at one of the four in our area.

2. My ex-husband was a giant douchbag and apparently hit his now ex-girlfriend...who is pregnant with a second child of his (fourth if you count my kids with him)... twice with a door while they were arguing. She left him (good for her!) and pressed charges. I became involved in their drama because the day he was arrested (which I didn't know was going to happen) was also the day her came to pick up our daughter for an extended weekend visit. She had to spend the night at a friend's house that night because I couldn't go get her until the next day. ( he lives 4 towns away...) 
I wouldn't say that things are all fixed about this, but they are calmed down now. Thankfully he has never shown any signs of potentially harming our kids...but I told my daughter that if her father ever even makes her feel even remotely scared about anything, to call me right away to get her and she won't ever have to go visit him alone again.

3. I am now behind on all my bills due to missing work because of all those things above. I'm probably gonna lose my sh*tty part time job now over this stress. I even missed my therapy appointment this week and haven't drawn a damn thing in almost 2 weeks.

4. My son turned 18 today, and because I'm so fackin' broke, I couldn't get/do anything awesome for such an important birthday like I wanted to. I am so grateful that he's a sweet, smart, understanding kid. I cooked one of his favorite meals, made him a red velvet cake, bought him some cheap stuff that he liked anyway, and  he had a bunch of his friends over...that's it.

5. And now, one of my oldest friends is having marriage problems agin and is most likely getting a divorce and needs a place to stay. Of course he called me at 3am to ask if he can stay here, and of COURSE I said yes, because I'm nice and he's been my friend ever science high school. His wife is a b*tch, and I never liked her anyway, but now there is an extra person in my house to feed, and a friend to help through a tough time...which brings up old feelings for me from going through (almost) the same things as him....

7. Oh! And my dad lost his job too, so now I need to worry about him too! Gah! *throws hands in the air before smacking head off wall*

I swear the universe has it in for me lately....
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  • Watching: My youth wave goodbye to me.....
  • Playing: DnD tomorrow with 5 teenage boys! (helpmepz!)
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Connie Levesque
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Mother of two from Westbrook Maine. Self taught hobby artist. I <3 manga and anime. Avid reader. RPG and action video game fan. I listen to Alternative rock/pop, Metal and some classic rock too. I Don't like horror movies filled with gore, but the suspenseful, mess with your head kind are good sometimes. Romantic at heart ...who likes to watch zombies blow up too. :) I'm Strange but in a good way I hope.

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